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People are always asking about my life. How do you travel for a living? How do you save money? And how do you eat and see every city and also work a full time job? Well this is what I hope to explore and answer.

I travel the world with the International Tour of Chicago. It is the Broadway show about murder, greed, corruption and adultery….such an uplifting description, isn’t it? I am the female swing…and I also dabble in extra jobs and tasks on tour as well. Last year I was the Assistant Company Manager, and for this round I am exchanging hats to be the Assistant Dance Captain, where I will help set the company with our Dance Captain and the Broadway Dance Captain before we head to South Korea. This year I will also be doing more traveling than ever before, all while managing two full time careers. (I’ll explain my second career later).

I hope you enjoy the stories and my adventures. I promise to keep you as entertained as possible…and please feel free to reach out and share your opinion. This is a place where I plan to put my thoughts into one place and hopefully find a voice and a direction for my crazy life and adventures. Thank you in advance!





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